Dar as-Sahaba

As-Ṣaḥāba Library Time Schedule

July 29, 2009

As-Ṣaḥāba Library Time Schedule

As-salāmu ʿalaykum wa raḥmatullāhi wa barakātuh,

We are pleased to announce that As-Ṣaḥāba Library will be open for use during the following times. A schedule for both brothers and sisters are as follows and will last up until the beginning of Ramaḍān, unless otherwise stated.

AS-ṢAḤĀBA LIBRARY HOURS (valid until Ramaḍān – end of August, 2009)

Brothers’ Library Hours: Tuesday – Thursday: 6pm – 9pm (evenings) Friday: 3pm – 9pm Saturday: 12pm – 9pm Monday: CLOSED FOR BROTHERS

Sisters’ Library Hours: Sunday – Thursday: 12pm – 5pm (afternoons) Friday & Saturday: CLOSED FOR SISTERS

The telelink from As-Ṣaḥāba Muṣallá on Sunday evening at 7pm is for both brothers and sisters (with partition), also until Ramaḍān, in-shāʾ-Allāh.

We ask you to please respect the time for both brothers & sisters as well as the library rules. The library rules are posted on the walls of the library section and someone will be there to help you, in-shāʾ-Allāh.

We hope that you can come and benefit from the knowledge, bi-idhnillahi taʿalá.

BarakAllāhu fīkum