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Camping Directions: updated check list

July 14, 2008

Camping Directions: updated check list

As salāmu ʿalaikum,

Here are directions on how to get to Fitzroy Provincial Park (attached is a map). Also please note that you should inform the reception office that you are group camping.

  1. Head west on HWY-417 W/Trans Canada Hwy W – 12.6 km
  2. Take exit 144 for Carp RḏCh. Carp/RR-5 toward Carp/Stittsville – 0.4 km
  3. Keep right at the fork to continue toward Carp RḏChemin Carp/RR-5 and merge onto Carp RḏChemin Carp/RR-5 – 27.8 km
  4. Turn right at Chemin Galetta Side/Galetta Side Rd – 1.4 km
  5. Turn left at Canon Smith Dr/Promenade Canon Smith – 2.5 km
  6. Turn left – 1.0 km

Watch for the provincial park signs to: Fitzroy Provincial Park Also, here is an updated list with supplies to bring (some new items).

Camping checklist to make your stay more comfortable.

– FLASHLIGHTS – COOKWARE – BBQ GRILLS – CHARCOAL – WATER (there is fresh water from the tap but if u do not like well water bring your own) – Tents – Blankets – Coffee, tea… – Snacks – Sweets… – Raincoat, umbrella, rubber boots – Swimwear, anything for the beach, towels… – Toys for kids – Bug spray – If you have some old carpet or rug to throw on the ground – Chairs, or something to sit on (pillows..) – Ice for your cooler (try to get a block of ice, it lasts longer) or make your own – Something to sleep on (to put on the floor of your tent) – Garbage bags – Gas lanterns – Foil

Website suggestion to check out for recipe ideas http://www.koa.com/recipes/campfirecooking.htm

Bārak Allāhu fīkum.