Upcoming Lecture: The Fiqh of Prayer
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Upcoming Lecture: The Fiqh of Prayer

Upcoming Lecture: Virtues of Knowledge & The Correct Creed

Upcoming Lecture: The Fiqh of Prayer

As-salāmu ʿalaykum wa raḥmatullāhi wa barakātuh,

Bismillāh walḥamdulillāh was-ṣalātu wal-salām ʿalá Rasūl Allāh

Dār As-Ṣaḥāba presents…

The Fiqh of Prayer

Taught by: Abū ʿUbayd Muḥammad Ḥasan
Student at Islāmic University of Madīnah / Faculty of Sharīʿah

Date & Time:

  • Friday, June 14th 7:30 PM – Maġrib
  • Friday, June 21st 7:30 PM – Maġrib
  • Friday, June 28th 7:30 PM – Maġrib
  • Friday, July 5th 7:30 PM – Maġrib

Location: Muṣallá As-Ṣaḥāba

(2835 Dumaurier Ave., Ramsey)

This class is free for both brothers and sisters and we encourage you to benefit from this blessed knowledge and attend. Due to the small size of the Muṣallá, we ask you to please refrain from distracting others so we can all benefit from the lectures. Please pass on this message.

Jazākumullāhu khair.

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