Dar as-Sahaba

Fundraising BBQ

June 02, 2013

Fundraising BBQ

As-Salāmu ‘alaykum wa raḥmatullaahi wa barakātuh,

As-Ṣaḥāba Association would like to invite you to a fundraising BBQ, all proceeds will support future Da’wah projects insha’Allāh!

There will be delicious beef burgers & sausages on the grill and cold refreshments on ice. Books and ‘attar will also be for sale. Everyone is welcome.

Designated areas for both brothers and sisters: Brothers section will be located at Picnic Site C3 (green gazebo on a small hill) and the sisters section will be down the hill insha’Allāh.

The BBQ will be held at Andrew Haydon Park (3127 Carling Ave.) on Sunday May 15th, 2011 from 12-4pm.

For more information please contact As-Ṣaḥāba Muṣallá at (613) 321-5459 or email [email protected]