Dar as-Sahaba

Guidelines For A Blissful Family Life

October 25, 2008

Guidelines For A Blissful Family Life

As salāmu ʿalaikum wa raḥmatullāhi wa barakātuh,

There will be a seminar focusing on the muslim family held on the evenings of Friday, Oct. 31st and Saturday, Nov. 1st at Carleton University. Please read the details below and see the attached poster/flyers for more information. We ask you to print out the small flyers and distribute to everyone at your local masjid or muṣallá after the regular prayers. If possible, you may also print out the posters to place at various locations.

This class is for both brothers and sisters and regarding an important topic, so please attend!!!

Please pass on this message to whomever you know.

Jazākam Allāhu khair.

Speakers: Shaykh Abū ʿAbd al-Raḥmān Muḥammad ʿAlī Abū ʿAbd al-Wāḥid Nadir Aḥmad (Both are Graduates of Islāmic University of Madīnah, Faculty of ḥadīth and studied under various scholars)

Place: Carleton University, Azrieli Theatre, Room 301

Dates: Friday, Oct. 31st Saturday, Nov. 1st

Time: 7:00pm

Topics: Friday evening:

  • Choosing Your Spouse
  • How the Prophet (peace be upon him) Dealt with His Wives Saturday evening:
  • Maintaining a Blissful Marriage
  • Our Obligation Towards Our Children

Free admission for both brothers and sisters.