Dar as-Sahaba

ʿIshāʾ & Tarawīḥ Prayers

September 04, 2009

ʿIshāʾ & Tarawīḥ Prayers

As-salāmu ʿalaykum wa raḥmatullāhi wa barakātuh,

This is to remind you that at Muṣallá As-Ṣaḥāba, starting from the 15th night of Ramaḍān (which corresponds to Friday, Sep. 4th), the iqāmah for ṣalātul-ʿishāʾ will be at 9:15pm followed by ṣalātut-tarawīḥ. This will remain until the end of Ramaḍān, in-shāʾ-Allāh.

Please note that due to limited space, the ʿishāʾ and tarawīḥ prayers will be for brothers only.

Please pass on this message. Bārak Allāhu fīkum

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